We have created a single information space for participants in the market of windows, doors, facades and glass products

~ design, count and place orders
~ manage relationships with customers
~ analyze metrics and change your strategy
~ train and motivate your staff
~ interact with other service users
Cloud service for sellers, customers and suppliers of
windows, doors and glass products
Additional Services

Features of the Industry Cloud
We are developing our service to
help its users become more effective
Calculation of Orders
Designing and calculating orders in the browser window
Now you do not need to use several versions of desktop applications
Require from the providers of the transition to cloud technologies
CRM and IP-telephony
Сustomer relationship management and cloud PBX now for all sales offices
Use conversational scripts for sales at any stage of business processes
Tasks and Calendars of Employees
Toolkit for planning the work of all employees of the company
Automation of work planning processes
Notifications and Notices
Notify customers and employees about the planning of measurements, installation and delivery (SMS, Email)
Support for different cloud notification services
Motivation of Employees
Motivate sellers to work effectively
Create marketing tools to increase the sales funnel
Employee Training
Teach new employees, maintain a high level of existing
Placement of training content and tests on it with questions and answers
We create or change interfaces to work with them
If you have special requirements for cloud solutions
Analytics and Forecasting
The data collected in the cloud is available for further analysis
Draw conclusions, make decisions, predict

We create comfortable
for all web-applications
Works on all devices in Chrome

Implied minimalism in the design

Allow effective analysis of data

Support our product builder based on templates with the display of products on the background of interiors or photos - PolyCAD

Support our builder of complex designs, as in desktop applications for engineers - PowerCAD

Synchronize with desktop applications for further processing of orders and their production

We have desktop applications
Our service is synchronized with desktop applications to exchange information about contacts, orders and scheduling

For production and central office are provided Windows-based applications 1C: Enterprise or own platform winDraw

Settings from desktop applications are sent to the cloud, and orders come back

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